We partnered with Studio Rodrigo once more to develop the new website for Waymark that launched in parallel to their $42M funding announcement.

Waymark is a healthcare startup that connects people with a local care team to solve their physical and mental problems.

Accessible healthcare

We believe that every website should be accessible but when we are working with companies in the healthcare space, we need to be extra cautious.

We developed Waymark's website using Webflow, strictly adhering to the industry's best practices in HTML and CSS. Our goal was to ensure optimal accessibility and readability for web crawlers and individuals with disabilities.

Learn more below how we helped Waymark’s team achieve their website goals.

Lines animation on scroll

This was a captivating and dynamic design technique that enhanced the visual appeal of the page. By implementing this animation, lines could gracefully appear and move across the screen as users scrolled through the content. This visually engaging effect added a touch of interactivity and creativity to the website, making it more memorable and immersive for visitors.

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