About Us

We are a team of Webflow designers and developers, and front-end engineers focused on building great marketing websites for startups and enterprises.

We work with clients that see their website as a valuable asset.

We focus on creating strategies, design, and development that help our customers get more visibility, close more sales, make marketing spend more efficient, and turn their processes more efficient through automation.

We also build modular systems that allow different departments to build their own websites and pages.

Who Do We Work With



We design and build effective websites that are convert, are efficient and scalable.

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Studios and Agencies

We partner with studios and agencies to help them become a Webflow powerhouse.

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We help create and maintain enterprises design systems that allow teams to become more efficient.

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Some Of Our Values


At Better Mistakes we prioritize quality over money. We don't accept projects just to pay the bills. We make sure our team has the time needed to design and build great websites.


We believe everyone should have the same rights to accessing information. We do our best to make sure every website we build is accessible.


Transparency in key between teams. If for some reason we think something is not going to work we let our clients know.


We believe in constant communication rather than a big reveal at the end.


We do one or two things incredibly well instead of doing many things good enough.
Since day one we decided to focus exclusively on Webflow design and development. We don't do marketing, Ads, content, etc... We could but we prefer to specialize and collaborate with other specialists in those areas instead.

Help Others

One of our goals is to invest part of our profits into our community. We want to create a place where people can learn new things and find new opportunities that can change their life.