After a few successful collaborations as their Webflow development partner, Studio Rodrigo team trusted us to build their new agency website.

Traditional portfolio websites can be challenging to maintain and lack adaptability for each project. Updates and adjustments are often time-consuming, and the static nature limits content flexibility.

They needed a system that allowed them to create new case study pages without the limitations and restrictions of a CMS template page.
Because no project is the same, each case study page can have a different structure too. That were our modular approach shines!

Take a look below how easy it is to create new case study pages.

What we did

Bespoke Webflow development

Custom code

Marketing Web System

Marketing Web System

Watch how a Marketing Web System, our modular approach, helped Studio Rodrigo create custom case study pages in just a few minutes.

The library's dozens of modules can be easily accessed from an internal page, making it convenient for the team to drag and drop these modules into a new page. The modular library empowers them to create compelling pages quickly and effortlessly, enhancing productivity and delivering high-quality results.

Vimeo video integration

We integrated a number of videos hosted on Vimeo with custom code. The client wanted many of them to be controlled by user scroll, so some special code was added to perform that action. For the homepage videos, we created autoplay functionality for the first and play/pause button functionality for the second and also, custom-coded the mute/unmute functionality as well as some more granular controls, based on whether the screen was in and out of fullscreen mode.

Custom Code

We added custom JavaScript to Studio Rodrigo’s new website.

Header & footer animations
The task at hand was to create a unique loading homepage animation out of the Studio Rodrigo logo/name. The team provided the glyphs for use, which they wanted to animate randomly once before landing on regular fonts for a period and then continuing to animate randomly onwards. The result was accomplished by using functional programming techniques in order to effect a more granular control over the animation timeline. The footer animation uses all the functions created for the header animation, except that the changes are triggered by user mouse movements.

Project outcome

By bringing Studio Rodrigo’s website concept to life while implementing a proper style guide and Marketing Web System, we were able to empower Studio Rodrigo’s team to update their website more efficiently. From small changes to creating new pages in just a few minutes!

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