Junto is a Berlin-based B2B startup that trains leaders.

At the beginning of 2023, we partnered with Junto to design and build their website but, after a year of testing their product with customers and receiving feedback, their business model changed significantly and they decided it was time to change a few things on the website.

They contacted us again to help redesign the homepage and design and build a few new pages.

Project goals

Design update
The main goal of the first version of the website we worked on in 2023 was to tell the story of the product in a dynamic way with the use of animation and product illustrations. With the new business model, Junto marketing team wanted to have a more conversion focused approach.

Because one of Junto's main goals was to start investing in paid ads, they wanted to build a system that allowed them to be independent and create new campaign pages without having to rely on the development team.

Landing page modular system

One of Junto's goals was to build a scalable system that allowed their marketing and growth teams to build new pages without the support of the engineering team.

The video above shows the modular library we delivered, separate from their full website. With this library, they are able to copy and paste sections, copy custom code, and follow instructions provided for each module.

Supporting Junto's growth with the design of multiple assets

Although it is not the typical type of services we provide, we supported Junto team growth by designing multiple assets for them such as multiple Google Slides templates, and Google Docs templates.

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