is the world's leading and fastest-growing Smart Locker Solution.
With their end-to-end solution, they are able to control all phases of the process (hardware, software, deployment, and maintenance), causing reduced costs, increased user satisfaction, and faster deployment.

When reached out to us, they had a simple website that was not doing justice to the quality of the product and services they provide.
The website was also not built for scalability, which made the marketing team stop updating it.

This project had three main goals

Better represent the product and services
During the design phase, our main goal was representing the quality of the product and the incredible capabilities of team.

Scalability had a tremendous growth year-over-year and the website has to be scalable in order to keep up with their growth page.
This meant building with a lot of CMS's and building a modular library that allow anyone on the marketing team to build new pages without having to rely on engineering.

Train the marketing team to make sure everyone makes the most out of their brand new website.

Product 3D Renders

During the design phase, we worked on a few animated product render that allowed us to communicate the product features, including their modularity and personalisation options.

How our modular system helped scale their website

The modular library we delivered to enables their marketing team to build new campaign and website pages in just a few minutes (watch the video above).

Now, during their marketing brainstorming sessions, the website is part of the conversation as a business assets instead of something static that is a hassle to manage.


We hosted a training section to marketing team where we walked them through all the website pages and their technical specificities as well as how to use their new modular library.

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