From 2+ Weeks to 2 Days

How we turn a 2+ weeks process into a 2 days.

Speed is very important for modern businesses like yours!
With so many things changing daily, businesses need to find new ways to make their processes more effective in order to find better ways to help existing customers and find new ones.

Some of those problems start with businesses websites.
As you may know, a website is the digital face of a business.
What if this face is not up-to-date? Or what if a simple change takes weeks?

Unfortunately, this is the reality of most businesses today.
When their website was created, the industry was still limited to platforms focused on developers (Wordpress, Magento, Squarespace, Wix). And while the business was changing, every time an update was needed, it could take weeks between business, marketing, design, development.

Before: Every time someone needed to change the copy, image, or create a new page it has to go through several team members, including the developer, to get it done. This makes the process take too long and takes other team members from focusing on the product.

Fortunately, the industry has evolved and new platforms were created that allow non-technical teams to take control over your website without the back and forth between multiple team members.
Did you ever imagined how awesome it would be if your marketing team could think of a new strategy, create and build a new page and test it in 2 days? 💰💰💰, right?


After: Empower your team to manage, edit, and create new pages on their own. Without the need of a developer and in just a couple of days.