Webflow Developer

Remote, flexible hours and Portugal based.


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Webflow is at the base of every project we work on. At Better Mistakes are looking for a Webflow Developer and not a Webflow Designer. What is the difference, you might ask? Since we don't design in Webflow but in Figma, the job of a designer and a developer is very different.


  • You have experience working with Webflow and you have a few projects you can share with us
  • You like to contribute to our internal processes
  • You have a good understanding of HTML and CSS (JavaScript is a plus but not required)
  • You don’t look for the easiest way to do something but for the best one
  • You have great attention to detail
  • You have taken Webflow Certifications (not required but a plus)
  • You speak English fluently (our company language English)
  • You’re based in Portugal

What you will do

  • Implement marketing websites in Webflow based on detailed Figma designs
  • Support on client and internal projects
  • Look for ways to improve our Webflow development process
  • Challenge Webflow limitations

About Better Mistakes

Better Mistakes is a distributed agency that designs and builds custom websites for companies that use their website as a business asset.

We build scalable websites that allow marketing and design teams to edit, build, and launch new pages.

We are a specialized agency since day one. Instead of providing different services such as marketing, SEO, app development, etc... we focused only on the design and development of Webflow websites.

Your application code is: we make better mistakes

At Better Mistakes, everyone knows the basics of Webflow, even our JavaScript developers know its potential and limitations.